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Our Learning



Kowhai (Year 0 and 1 students)

Mrs Debbie McDonald

Rimu (Year 1 and 2)

Miss Hayley Nicholson

Kahikatea (Year 2 and 3)

Mrs Lynne Trewin

Pohutukawa (Year 4 and 5)

Mrs Emma Given

Matai (Year 4 and 5)

Mrs Robina Wilson

Totara (Year 6)

Mrs Sue Bousfield - Deputy Principal



Our school hours align with our neighbouring 

secondary school, Menzies College, which means longer days but fewer full days each year.

8.30 a.m. Students allowed on site

8.50 a.m. School Starts

10.10 a.m. Morning Tea 

10.30 a.m. Learning Time

11.30 a.m. Fruit Break

11.40 a.m. Learning Time

12.40 p.m. Lunch - playtime and then eating

1.30 p.m. Learning Time

3.10 p.m. School Finishes

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We have been a PB4L school since 2014 and we are excited by how our whole school and community have worked together to make our school a very positive place to be. 

We believe in rewarding good behaviour and we do that with cards called Wyndys. You need ten Wyndys each term to go on the 'Wyndy Treat' which can be swimming, movies, games, experiences, etc. If you get 60 or more Wyndys over the course of a year you go on the gold trip at the end of the year. We have found focusing on positives reduces the negative behaviours!!!

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Students of Wyndham School benefit from the low numbers in our classes (around 20 pupils) and we try to keep our New Entrants room even smaller so the students get a really good start to their schooling.

We see our students as individuals that are part of our wider school whanau, and encourage the family atmosphere that we have at our school.  



Every week our whole school takes part in Jump Jam to start our day.  We have student leaders who train and lead it as well. We believe in our students being fit and healthy and this is one of our fitness activities.

Jump Jam at Wyndham School