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Our Place


Wyndham School is serviced by Ritchies Coachlines for most routes, and South Bus for the Fortrose area.  We have buses on the following routes:

* Glenham/Flameborough

* Redan/Mokoreta

* Homestead

* Fortrose

* Mimihau

* Mataura East

* Mataura Island

* Brydone

* Tuturau.


Our buses are tendered by the Ministry of Education and we have no control over buses or bus routes. Students who live further than 3.2 km from our school and live within the TEZ (Transport Entitlement Zone) may travel on our buses for free. Students who choose Wyndham School but live outside the TEZ must get permission from the closest school before transport can take place. Ritchies Coachlines usually charge students who travel from outside the TEZ. 

Our principal is the School Bus Controller and for any questions or concerns please contact her.

Pupils arriving at Wyndham School
Bus Routes
School Uniform Wyndham School.jpg


Wyndham School students wear a uniform. We have found a number of advantages to having a school uniform policy, such as:

  • pupils feel by wearing a uniform they have a greater sense of belonging and are more committed to the school; 

  • Uniform develops a more positive image of the school in the local community

  • Pupils then have their self esteem raised

  • When all pupils wear the same dress, differences between pupils are reduced and this also reduces isolation and bullying



We are lucky to have amazing school grounds that include native gardens, enviro gardens and tunnel house, playground areas, asphalt areas and incredible grassed areas that encourage our students to be active. Our students love having the space and choices during breaks and all our students play in this extensive space beautifully.


Mrs Stuart teaches classes how to have green thumbs and develop a thriving garden. Our enviro group love creating and nurturing our spring gardens, inspecting the compost, worm farm and tending to the tunnel house. We love to look after our school environment and the children learn valuable skills for life!!

Learning gardening-Wyndham School
Swimming Pool


On our school grounds is Wyndham Pool which is an indoor heated 25meter pool that we use through summer and autumn. All the students have access to this, and we cover swimming skills and water survival skills each year. We love the pool!!


Our native garden was developed in 2016 and it has really grown since then. It is one of the students favourite places to play and to learn about native flora. The tall hedge is a popular place for games. 

Wyndham Native Garden.jpg


Our outdoor classroom borders onto our native garden. We love being outside and learning and think it is important for our students to get a width of experiences with their learning. Into the future we’d like to install shades here to provide some shelter from the sun.

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